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شاحن لاسلكي مع ناشر للرائحة مكتبي 160 ريال

شاحن لاسلكي مع ناشر للرائحة مكتبي 160 ريال

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2022 new product universal desk 15w dual cell phone station fast wireless charger stand for iphone android with aroma diffuser

Four in one function of wireless charge, in addition to 15w fast wireless charge function,a mini essential oil aroma diffuser or air humidifier, a private note box, a cute house, a mobile phone holder pad, a multi-functional wireless charge, best price to enjoy the four values, welcome you contact us!
Function name:

Mobile phone 15w fast wireless charging

Input voltage:


Output voltage


Sensing distance



Double copper coils

Safety protection

9 kinds protections

Function name

Mini essential oil aroma diffuser or air humidifier

Water tank capacity


Running gear

2 modes of spraying


Microporous silent atomization

Safety protection

Power off when water shortage then


1. Take out the bottom shell(There are four buckles fixed on both sides of the bottom shell), infused with purified water and essential oils, please place the bottom tank flat on the desk for installation after infused.
2. Use QC3.0fast charge adapter (Support 12 v2a) to link the product, the blue light is on after connected.
3. Wireless charging will start automatically after connecting QC3.0 fastcharging adapter. Can directly charge the mobile phone,the induction distance is 2-8mm, The blue light flickers gradually when charging normally.(Blue light flashes quickly when charging is abnormal)
4. Press the switch once,the aroma diffuser start up mode 1 (spray 15s then stop 15s) and the green light is always on, volume of spray 15ml/h. Press the switch twice, the aroma diffuser start up mode 2 (spray for 15s then stop for 30s). The green light is flashing, volume of spray 10ml/h.
5. Hold downswitch button for 3S to turn off the aroma diffuser’s power.
Unit NW/Unit GW


Unit Product size/
Unit Package size


Unit Shipping list

1. Wireless charger Aroma diffuser X1
2. Type-C USB cable X1
3. User manual X1
4. Sponge stick X2
5. Spring X1

Bulk packaging details

OPP bag +Honeycomb carton 
20 pcs/CNT 


1. Please use QC3.0 fastcharge adapter when using this product.
2. If your mobile phone does not support wireless charging, please buya wireless charging receiver.
3. When using wireless charging, please do not connect the phone to USB at the same time, because the phone will not start the wireless charging function when connectedto USB.
4. This product isnot supplied with essential oils.
5. The aromadiffuser work is microporous spray, please use purified water and essential oil to prevent the micro-holes from clogging.
6. When taking out the bottom shell, please keep the product uprightto prevent the remaining essence oil water from flowing out.
7. After adding purified water and essential oil, please put the water tank flat on the table to install to prevent the essence
oil and water from flowing out.
8. Children under of12 years old is not allowed to use this product.

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