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مسدس حرارة ليزر للأغراض الصناعية 120ريال

مسدس حرارة ليزر للأغراض الصناعية 120ريال

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KAIWEETS Apollo Series

Infrared Thermometer (NOT for Humans) Non-Contact Digital Temperature Gun

High Precision Sensor

Within 0.5S Response time, Apollo 7 measurement range is between -50℃~550℃(-58℉~1022℉). Apollo 7 Max error range is ±2.0% or ±2℃,which higher than most of

Not For Human

KAIWEETS Apollo Series infrared thermometer can be used to measure the surface temperature of inanimate objects, reads values of high accuracy up to ±2% in only 0.5s. Do NOT use it to take forehead temperature, the measured temperature for humans will not be correct

Simple Battery Replacement

2 X AAA Batteries included

℃/℉ Switching

Two temperature measurement modes to chose

D:S Ratio

①Make sure that the target is larger than the unit's size. The smaller the target is, the closer you should be to it.

②The ratio of the measured distance to the measured target size is 12:1, as shown in the following figure.

Wide Applications

This digital temperature gun is widely used in daily and industrial temperature measurement, such as cooking, household maintenance, car vehicles repair, HVAC issues diagnosing, soap making, water temperature measurement, etc

Temperature Alarm

Features with MAX mode and high/low temp warning. The indication of the temperature gun turns red when the test temperature exceeds the high(300℃)/low(-50℃) limited setting. You can also set the high and low limits of the temperature yourself. For example, you can set high (100℃)/ low(0℃), The indication of the temperature gun turns red when the test temperature exceeds or below the temperature that you set.

Adjustable Emissivity

You can adjust the emissivity (0.1-1.0) according to different materials to get the most accurate value

How To Use

Please remember not to place the thermometer vertically on the water glass, you need to hold it at an angle to avoid the influence of steam droplets on the measurement results

Sleep Mode

Without any operation for 30 seconds, the thermometer will automatically enter into sleep mode.

Product Details

①Data hold indicator

②Upper limit alarm indicator

③Lower limit alarm indicator

④Measuring indicator

⑤Laser on indicator

⑥Low battery indicator

⑦Centigrade degree unit

⑧Fahrenheit degree unit

⑨Maximum display

⑩Maximum indicator

⑪Temperature display

⑫Emissivity display

   ①Alarm indicator

②LCD display

③Laser key/Digital decreases

④Mode key

⑤Temperature unit key/Digital increases

⑥Laser hole

⑦Infrared sensor induction zone

⑧Measure trigger switch

⑨Battery cover

Apollo 7 Green

Apollo 6 Pink

Apollo 6 Green

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